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Is Your Weight Loss Program Individual?


The media bombards everyone in Rochester with the image of health and fitness they think is ideal. Weight loss programs are abundant. The problem is these programs try to squeeze you into a box and mold you to the one-size-fits-all approach. We each are unique as is the reason we are facing a weight challenge. Let's evaluate the typical approach and wisdom of the day in terms of weight loss.

You have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight right? Calories in calories out. The majority of weight loss programs have this principle at their core. If you lower caloric intake and increase your activity level, you will lose weight. Is this true? Maybe at best...the common solution is to either plan a diet or provide pre-packaged food from a box. Here is the problem regardless which path you take to get there: You will gain your lost weight right back. Nothing has been done to educate you or your body, and nothing was changed except an artificial food routine was temporarily inserted. The problem appears after the weight is lost. Eventually you will go back to eating your normal foods and often the 'diet' ups and downs drag your metabolism down even further. Those calories get stored right back as fat.

Playing with your calories alone is not the key to losing weight. The most effective way to lose fat is facilitating balance in the body - balancing hormones, neurotransmitters, detoxifying the body and rebuilding vitamins and minerals in a way to get you into an incredible fat burning zone. It's about re-educating your body - inviting it back to balance by identifying and eliminating whatever is in the way of healthy metabolic function and re-educating your brain - making sure you gained experience and confidence living in a way that facilitates ketosis and provides the tips and tricks to live with the abundance of convenience and temptation foods all around us today!

It's time for you to take a custom approach!


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Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss
103 Canal Landing Boulevard Suite 8
Rochester, NY 14626
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"One of the best decisions I've made. I was skeptical at first but stuck to the plan and was amazed with the results. I'm even more impressed that I've been able to keep the weight off of 4 weeks now."

« Joe G. »

"I loved this program. It gave me hope that I can continue to lose weight and be healthy. I truly am grateful that I was able to experience something so amazing that really works."

« Ceylan »

"I loved the program!! I feel good, look great and it didn't take long to lose the unwanted weight!! I am very happy with the results! Thank you Dr. Matt"

« Eleanor L. »

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Restoration Wellness Custom Fat Loss - Rochester
103 Canal Landing Boulevard
Suite 8

Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 978-7584


*Although results may vary, those who follow the program have an extremely high success rate. Restoration Wellness' goal is at least 20 pounds of weight loss by the end of your entire program. If you kept all of your appointments and followed the system as detailed by our team and in your journal but did not lose at least 20 pounds, you will have your program extended and our staff will continue to coach and support you until the total weight loss reaches 20 pounds, at no additional cost to you for necessary materials, supplements, or time in office.

(585) 978-7584
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